Our philosophy is simple: to provide timeless, elegant and livable interiors that are more a reflection of the homeowners personality than our own.

Since 1991 we have offered interior design services as part of our business. The interiors section of the business is distinct and separate from the manufacturing side. Our interior design work has been featured in numerous national publications. Our projects have taken us outside of Arizona to Boston and New York, and have included both residential and commercial work.

In January of 2001, Arroyo Design Interiors was awarded 1st Place for its Living Room design in a Sonoita, Arizona hacienda by Southern Accents magazine and A.S.I.D.

“You have to like the people you work for because interior design is a very giving type of work. When I leave a project, I don’t want someone to come in and know that I was there. I want to give them the best environment based on their needs. It’s a challenge to make sure a client’s personality comes through more than mine. People put a lot of trust in me to make something beautiful and that puts a lot of power in my hands. I have to make sure their needs are met and collaborate with them throughout the project”

      -Elaine Paul
      from an interview in Arizona Lifestyle Magazine
      January 2002

For interior design services please contact Elaine Paul at arroyodesign-tuc@qwest.net or call (520) 977-6674.

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